Inflation is at its highest level in over 40 years.  Back when Jimmy Carter was President. 

The current gas crisis in the U.S. has many people seeing an eery similarity to what was going on in the late 1970s when Jimmy Carter was President. 

According to an energy group called Power The Future, history is starting to repeat itself thanks to the decisions made by Joe Biden.  The group has spent nearly a million dollars to run digital ads comparing Biden to Carter. 

Memo to Joe Biden; this is not a compliment. 

The ads will run in Alaska, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. They target the similarities between the high inflation rates and gas prices that Joe and Jimmy’s gigs as President share. 

The ad shows a clip of Carter bragging about creating the “Strategic Petroleum Reserve.”  Then it cuts to Biden recently talking about his idea to release a million barrels of oil daily for six months. 

Here’s what the group’s Executive Director said in a statement. 

“A half-century may have passed between the Carter and Biden administrations, but their policy ideas have not changed, and neither have the outcomes, Unfortunately, history is repeating itself, and the biggest losers are the wallets of middle-class Americans.”

For anyone not around during Carter’s term from 1976-1980, inflation soared to 13%, and an energy crisis led to long lines at gas pumps around the country. He is regarded by many as being one of if not the worst performing President this country has ever elected. 

In 1980, he was soundly beaten by Ronald Reagan. 

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