Tuesday’s news cycle included federal charges filed against Hunter Biden for tax evasion and unlawful firearm possession.

Biden’s plea agreement was filed simultaneous to the information and needless to say, such charges could easily result in jail time for any other defendant. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determined that in 2018 and 2019, Biden failed to pay over $100,000 in income tax. But, he didn’t stop there. In addition to tax evasion, Biden also lied on his application for gun ownership where he noted that he was not a drug user … despite his admitted addiction to controlled substances.

Although the White House continues to steer away from the allegations surrounding Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden took a clear stance on his son’s legal woes on Tuesday afternoon. During a meeting with California Governor Gavin Newsom, a reporter questioned the President about his son’s charges to which he said: “I’m very proud of my son.” 

Unsurprisingly, reactions flooded social media with former President Donald J. Trump comparing Hunter Biden’s punishment to penalties incurred from a simple traffic ticket:

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Twitter users also chimed and noted that well-known celebrities who were charged with the same counts Biden pled guilty to received far more severe sentences. Billionaire socialite Leona Helmsley, for example, got four years in jail for tax evasion:

Other GOP candidates also agreed that Biden got off easy with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis taking the issue head on:

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott also took to Twitter to address Biden’s “sweetheart deal.”

If you missed Tucker Carlson’s take, check it out here:



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