Adam McKay, the director of the Netflix hit “Don’t Look Up,” along with that film’s star Jennifer Lawrence, are collaborating on a film version of the 2018 book “Bad Blood,” which of course is about Elizabeth Holmes and her stint running Theranos into the ground, and eventually being convicted of four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. 

We’re going to find out how good of an actress Lawrence is yet again because she is working on nailing the unique, odd, weird voice that Holmes fraudulently rolled with as she built Theranos. 

If you recall, Holmes would only dress in black, and she altered her voice into a bizarre and creepy deep tone to make her sound more mysterious or intelligent. 

McKay told Insider that Lawrence is working hard to nail the voice. 

“I haven’t made her do it for me yet. She said she’s been working on it.”

McKay said he’s going easy on Lawrence for now and not rushing her because she’s about to have her first child. 

“She’s born to play that role,” McKay added of Lawrence playing Holmes. “With the voice, she said she’s feeling it. She’s excited.”

It will be interesting to see how the film will weave in the results of her recent trial.  Holmes is waiting on sentencing, which will not come for months as her legal team challenge the results and ultimately appeal the verdict. 

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