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Adam Sosnick talks with jewelry expert Maksud Agadjani and a panel of attractive women to discuss what women expect from their man today, how much to spend on your girl, and why women expect men to pay.

0:00 – Start
40:25 – Should women bring something to the table?
47:50 – Should women treat their man as a god?
53:24 – What are women looking for in a man
1:01:07 – What percentage should men and women pay in a relationship?
1:07:24 – Can Women be the breadwinner in the relationship?
1:53:03 – What’s more important: presence or presents?

The SOSCAST hosted by Adam Sosnick is a pop culture financial podcast that breaks down Lifestyle, Relationships, and Money. He is joined by @JennelleGordon and Maksud Agadjani, Melitsa Waage and Chantelle Simone.

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About Host:

Adam “Sos” Sosnick is a professional networker, financial expert and podcast host at Valuetainment Media. Sos is a “millionaire minimalist” who values experiences, relationships and paying it forward.

Sos has lived a true rags to riches story. But he wasn’t always an authority on money. Born and raised in Miami, his father was a handicapped businessman and the family relied on Disability Insurance to get by. At an early age Sos recognized the value of a dollar and hard work. As a public school kid, Sos excelled in sports and landed a scholarship to one of Miami’s top private high schools, exposing him to a more affluent side of society.

Before hitting it big in finance in his thirties, Sos was a former jack of all trades in his twenties, working in hospitality, nightlife, radio sales, teacher, sports agent, and stand up comedy. Although he was making NO money, he says the underlying element that leads to success and access is understanding social dynamics, meaningful relationships, and mastering networking. Your network is your net worth.

Combined with wealth, a strong network and a desire to help people Sos started creating innovative content on social media breaking down money in a language everyone can understand. This lead partnering up with Patrick Bet-David, CEO and founder of Valuetainment, a business contact he has known for over 10 years. Now Sos hosts SOSCAST where “Finance meets Romance’’ and co-hosts PBD Podcast, a top-rated business podcast.
Sos is a major advocate for pursuing success, fulfilling your purpose, and ultimately increasing your status. Invest in yourself, help the people around you, and #SaveThatMoney!


Music co-owned and licensed with permission by Azim Rock

***This channel is associated with Valuetainment Media founded by Patrick Bet-David***

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