Question: Is there that anything massive amounts of money can’t buy?

Answer:  Yes. The ability to not be painfully jealous when your attractive girlfriend gets doughy eyed talking to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yeah, it’s not easy being Jeff Bezos, especially when he makes the grave mistake of saddling up to Leo at a charity ball. 

It happened at the LACMA Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles this weekend.  

Here’s the tale of the tape:  Bezos stands 5’7”, is bald, and is a self-described nerd. 

DiCaprio is 6’0”, has a full head of hair, an Oscar, more charisma that Bezos’ has shares of Amazon stock, and the ability to charm and woo any woman, any time. 

Including Sanchez. 

A meme started circulating of Sanchez getting lost in the gaze of Leo, while five inches below Leo’s eye line Bezos is stuck watching the proceedings. 

You almost feel sorry for Bezos when you see the photo and video, knowing his $202 billion net worth is defenseless against the powers of the biggest movie star in the planet. Who’s also worth about $400 million, or less than the cost of Bezos’ new yacht. 

Bezos had to do something.  So, he put on a baseball hat, and stood shirtless next to a sign that had a not so hidden message for Leo. 

“Danger.  Steep Cliff.  Fatal Drop.”

He captioned it with “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…@LeoDiCaprio.”

Make your own determination if that’s funny or lame.  Maybe it would have been a good idea to just let the whole thing go, and not act like a love scorned debate team captain who lost his girl to the football star. 


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