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Jed discusses how and why the “sexism” label is grossly overused. She then digs into some of Drew Afualo’s content, including such topics as Drew’s critique of Fresh & Fit, whether women seek validation from men, sex toys, the “I don’t need a man” feminist mantra, women treating themselves like sex objects, men as protectors, the male vs female double standard on a number of issues, women critiquing other women, and why Drew thinks listening to Joe Rogan is a red flag.

0:00 – Start
9:56 – Should men marry an ‘inexperienced’ girl?
14:25 – Drew Afualo attacks Myron From @FreshandFitClips
23:38 – Should women rely on a mans ‘validation’?
30:42 – Why modern feminists want to silence men
40:31 – Why women respond to ‘booty calls’
47:30 – Drew Afualo on why women don’t need protection from a man
53:52 – Can men criticize women?
1:01:51 – Drew Afualo on men who listen to Joe Rogan

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