Jedediah discusses a TikToker mad that a ranch said she’s above the weight limit to ride their horses, a man spending 15K on a high-tech dog costume to “become” a dog, leaked internal memos showing Twitter debating a ban on @LibsofTikTok, a woman outing her cheating boyfriend on Tinder, and Trudeau repeating Big Pharma talking points.

0:00 – Start
1:45 – Reaction to obese girl being turned away from riding horses at small family ranch
8:00 – Cosmo calls obesity ‘healthy’
20:50 – Japanese man spends $15,000 on hyper-realistic dog costume to ‘fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a dog’
30:00 – Leaked memo shows Twitter employees debating whether or not to ban ‘Libs of TikTok’
40:12 – Woman creates Tinder account to catch her cheating boyfriend
48:41 – Justin Trudeau tests positive for Covid-19

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