A quirky “fight” between Floyd Mayweather and YouTube star Logan Paul may not be stirring the population as much as promoters would have hoped.

So the (staged?) disagreement between Paul’s brother Jake Paul and Mayweather is finding some viral attention among those who choose to be interested.

Mayweather, still undefeated (50-0) but still 44, agreed to an exhibition with Logan Paul but vowed to take both brothers on in one night in Miami.

The fight, scheduled for Hard Rock Stadium on June 6 will be available via Showtime pay-per-view and figures to be interesting, at least.

At a news conference in South Florida promoting the duel, the pair had an altercation on Thursday that went, basically, like this: Mayweather, a boxing Hall of Famer, took Jake’s bait when Jake took Floyd’s hat — and the two (kind of) scuffled.

And those acting in the capacity of security personnel were successfully able to separate the combatants.

Before the physical battle comes the war of words. 

To wit:

Mayweather called the two “fake fighters.” 

“I don’t have to talk about what I’m going to do. The world knows what I’m going to do,” Mayweather said. “I’m willing to fight both in the same night.”

Speaking to The Athletic later Thursday, Mayweather said: “I don’t want to be disrespected. You can’t keep touching me and disrespecting me.”

“I just feel inspired,” Logan Paul said. “I want to beat the sh– out of him. I really do. This fight means so much to me.” 

In perhaps the most honest part of Thursday’s antics, Mayweather spoke about the hype (possibly) generated: 

“Jake Paul wanted some attention, and he got it. And so did I,” he said.

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