The most anticipated boxing match of the year once again does not feature traditional boxers.

Jake Paul and former UFC champ Tyron Woodley weighted in Saturday morning for their big fight Sunday night in Cleveland, and unlike many of their other interactions during the week leading up to their match, the weigh in was a calm, orderly and non dramatic. 

Paul weighed in at 190 pounds, while Woodley tipped the scales at 189.5. 

Have you ordered the fight yet?  It will most likely be the biggest test for Paul since he became a full-time prize fighter.  Woodley was a multiple belt holder in the UFC, although he’s far from being what would be called an experienced boxer.  

Woodley made it seem earlier in the week like he would be carrying a large chip on his shoulder and be looking to punish Paul for the derogatory treatment of Woodley’s mother by Paul and his crew. 

Paul knocked out former UFC fighter Ben Askren in his most recent bout.  Before that he knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson. 

Woodley is 39 years old. In his prime, he was considered one of the bet welterweight fighters in the history of MMA. 

Paul needs to win this fight in order to continue to be a big draw on Showtime, which has invested a great deal into his career, banking on the 24-year old to continue to carry the torch for the entire sport, as the only legitimate draw and bankable star. 

Paul has been trolling UFC President Dana White continuously about the pay scale for UFC fighters, with his verbal attacks becoming increasingly nasty. 

7 time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath joined the panel discussion on just where Paul is headed with his boxing career, and what could be looming for him if he continues to beat these hand selected opponents he’s superior to.  

Watch Episode 6 of SporTZ Now with Tom Zenner here to hear about Paul’s quest to earn up to $500 million in boxing. 


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