When 19-year old Joe Hebert told his mother a few years ago that he was going to be involved in a business called West Coast Streetwear, she may or may not have said “Just Do It.”

if she did, she may be regretting it now. Ann Hebert was the North American vice president and general manager. It’s a great job that takes years to attain, but she walked away from it after 25 years of service to Nike after Bloomberg posted a story last week about her son’s business.

It turned out Joe has used an American Express credit card in his mother’s name to purchase $132,000 worth of limited edition Nike shoes, which he later flipped for big profits as a sneaker reseller.

Here’s the thing; Ann told Nike about it her son’s business years ago, and Joe insists that his mom had little or nothing to do with his business, and he never benefited from any insider info or leveraged   his mother’s position with Nike to get better deals.

Apparently everyone has moved on.  Nike has made the whole thing official through a press release and is actively looking for another vice president and general manager to cover the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Ann will hopefully find another job that is similar to what she had.  At the very least, her son might have room for another employee in his burgeoning company.

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