I turned 50 this year in 2020. It will give me the maturity to understand and the privilege of witnessing an apocalypse in the Biblical sense of the word. A revelation, a worldwide dropping of masks with all the economic and civilizational consequences that will go along. It is a classic and necessary cycle in the history of humankind. Pretty arrogant are those who believe that we are too civilized for a collapse to happen.

I have the weakness to believe that everyone knows what is happening. But they are hiding in their daily routine. As long as the bus that brings them to work arrives on time everything is fine. Even if they must jump over dead bodies on their way to take the bus, as long as they can go to work and act as if everything is normal, everything is fine.

It was supposed to start in Europe. Finally, it starts with the United States of America. Who would have thought? Sometimes life takes an unexpected wrong turn in the right direction. We will soon know if in the next few months we will sink into tyranny or if people will chase elites and politicians in the streets. I’m terrified, I don’t know which scenario I prefer in the end.

Our convictions will be put to the test. We will have to be strong, benevolent, stick together, rely on our neighbors, our friends, and pray. It is a little late to explain how we got there, especially since it is controversial and ultimately irrelevant by now. But it is not too late to prepare.

It is not time to wake up the sheeps anymore, it’s time to wake up the lions…

God bless you all

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