One of the absolute giants of talk radio, and broadcasting in general, passed away on Wednesday.  Rush Limbaugh, who had been battling Stage 4 lung cancer, led at his home in South Florida at the age of 70. 

For the conservative audience that was his base of listeners, Limbaugh was as influential, powerful and popular as a radio host could be, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on February 4 of 2020, just one day after he announced his diagnosis. 

He was a giant in syndicated radio for 30+ years, and was the second-highest paid radio personality with an annual income of $87 million and net worth of $600 million. 

Known for his fiery style and over the top showmanship, he developed an incredible following of millions of fans. 

The “Rush Limbaugh Show” was syndicated in 1988, and he was the preeminent conservative voice for decades. 

He was also a top-selling author, and hosted his own syndicated television show in the early 1990’s as well. 

During his final broadcast of 2020, Limbaugh was forthright with his audience and said he did not expect to make it until the end of 20212.  “Because I have outlived the diagnosis, I’ve been able to receive and hear and process some of the most wonderful, nice things about me that I might not have ever heard had I not gotten sick. How many people who pass away never hear the eulogies, never hear the thank-yous?”

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