Icelanders have not exactly been known for their comedic skills in the past.  Maybe it has something to do with the cold weather or something, but whoever is in charge of their tourism marketing deserves kudos for a new video that mocks “Meta” CEO Mark Zuckerberg.   

Zuck is not exactly known for having a “warm persona” or “lifelike qualities” in front of the camera, and Iceland had some fun with that fact.  The two minute spoof video that was produced by “Inspired Iceland” and launched Friday has more than 500,000 views already on Facebook, or Meta, or whatever you want to call it. 

The video went deep on many of the weird things about Zuckerberg.  For instance, the viral video that emerged of him surfing with his face full of white sunscreen was mocked, with a Zuck look-alike addressing the camera with his face full of white cream.  

The creepy clone in the video is wearing all dark clothes and a short haircut combed all the way forward.  The fake Zuckerberg looks into the camera and urges people to come and visit “Icelanders,” where they will find “water that’s wet,” and “silly looking headsets aren’t needed,” as the country has real “humans to connect with.”

If you’re wondering if the real Zuckerberg saw the video, the answer is yes.  He was a good sport about it. 

“Amazing,” he wrote in the comment section under the video. “I need to make a trip to the Icelandverse  soon.”

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