For the first time in over 100 years, the Tampa area is bracing for the direct impact of a major hurricane.  Ian is set to make landfall Wednesday, and the Category 3 storm is packing quite a punch, with sustained winds of over 120 mph being recorded. 

Already there are over 150,000 people without power in Florida, and 30,000 linemen have been put in place to take care of what is expected to be a massive power outage once the storm hits land. 

What is worrying meteorologists and storm watchers is the storm surge that will be associated with the hurricane. Other areas of concern are the impact it could have on drinking water in Southwest Florida and the massive flooding that is expected to occur. 

Mandatory evacuations are in effect along Florida’s west coast. Residents are told to have “go bags” containing emergency supplies packed and ready to take with them, including money, food and water, documentation, medical items, and personal belongings. 

Fox Business reported on a residual problem that could arise from Ian; rising food prices across the country. Mosaic Co. is a company that makes up half of the supply of fertilizer farmers use in North America. This operation is so big that it is responsible for 12 percent of the global fertilizer supply. 

Mosaic has several phosphate mining and manufacturing sites in the areas the hurricane will impact.  The company has said they have been proactive for over a week prepping for a possible worst-case scenario storm that appears to be on their doorstep. 

Here is what they told Fox Business. 

”Mosaic’s North America Incident Command Team started coordinating with operating sites last week in advance of Hurricane Ian,” the company said in a statement. “We continue monitoring weather updates while completing preparations at our phosphate and production facilities in Florida as well as sites in Louisiana.”

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