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Many times when you look at a very successful business from the outside, it seems like everything is perfect as if they have zero problems. But for a company to become successful, they have to do the ugly things very well, behind closed doors.

One of the most unpleasant things you’ll ever have to do as a leader is fire people. Today I get into how to fire someone.

How to Properly Hire Someone – 2:26

#1: Fire Gently – 3:57

#2: Get Right to the Point- 6:42

#3: Be Firm Yet Gentle- 7:40

#4: Acknowledge Their Feelings – 8:05

#5: Exit Interview is Generally Done by the Person Who Hired – 8:23

#6: Usually Shouldn’t Be a Surprise – 9:31

#7: Ask Permission to Give Feedback- 12:54

#8: Don’t Drag it Out – 18:06

#9: Hire Slow, Fire Fast – 19:00

#10: Always Have a 90 to 120 Day Probationary Period – 19:04

#11: Have a Game Plan for Replacement – 19:39

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