Attorney General William Barr may not be interested in waiting for Donald Trump to fire him as he is reportedly considering just quitting the post. The news report comes on the heels of Barr’s comments of finding no evidence of fraud to this point.

“There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that,” Barr told the Associated Press last week.

The comments immediately drew the ire of President Trump who called Barr to the Oval House for a meeting. While the information discussed in that meeting has not been revealed, it’s safe to assume that Trump was not thrilled with Barr’s comments and there have been indications in a story from ABC News that the meeting between the two was “intense.”

On Thursday of last week, the president said of Barr, “He hasn’t done anything yet. When he looks, he’ll see the kind of evidence that right now you are seeing in the Georgia Senate.”

The president also refused to say if he has confidence in the attorney general, telling reporters, “Ask me that in a number of weeks from now.”

Barr apparently hasn’t made a decision to officially step down just yet but if he did, Deputy Attorney General Jeffery A. Rosen would lead the Justice Department until Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20.

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