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In this video I talk about how to deal with team members with a victim mindset.

I first cover 7 qualities of people with a victim mentality, and then give 12 suggestions for how to handle this type of team member.

7 Qualities of People with a Victim Mindset

#1:They Have Way Too Much Time on Their Hands and They Stop Working 0:54

#2: They Start Blaming – 1:29

#3: They Start Justifying Everything 1:45

#4: They Spread Negativity to Others — 2:32

#5: They’re Some of the Best Recruiters in the World 3:10

#6: They Spread Rumors — 4:08

#7: Never Ending Issues 4:44

How to Deal with People with a Victim Mentality — 6:32

#1: Immediately Meet with Them – 7:02

#2: Ask Them Why They Got Involved with the Company in the First Place – 7:22

#3: Are Those Things Still Important to You? — 7:52

#4: Find Out What the Challenges Were and Help them Clear Up 8:27

#5: Ask Them if They Would Like Things to Change — 9:22

#6: Study Trends — 10:06

#7: Go Through Qualities of a Victim Mentality: 13:05

#8: Give an Assignment – 13:52

#9: Don’t Fake It — 14:34

#10: Hold Them Accountable – 15:13

#11: If they Fall Once or Twice, Give them a Second or Third Chance –15:35

#12: If Things Get Worse, Ask Them to Leave and Take a 90-Day Break 16:17

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