Thursday, Amazon announced it would be freezing hiring for its corporate workforce. Amazon’s Senior Vice President issued a statement to its entire team stating an “uncertain” economy was the reason for the freeze. The freeze is expected to last for the next few months. Amazon isn’t the only company putting a pause on welcoming new employees. Apple has also announced it is putting a hiring freeze in place for a year. Microsoft has announced both a hiring freeze and layoffs.

At the same time as Amazon, the ride-sharing company Lyft announced it would be laying off 13% of its employees. The payment processing platform, Stripe also chose Thursday to announce it was cutting 14% of its employees. 

Friday, thousands of employees at Twitter are expected to meet the same doom. The new owner, Elon Musk, is expected to lay off about 3,700 of its employees. At least employees there may be a little more prepared. They have now created a “Layoff Guide” with tips on handling being laid off. Some advice from the guide is useful even if you don’t work for Twitter. Click here to see it. 

CNN released a recent report showing at least 10.7 million positions open in the job market, labor shortages, and even more jobs being added each month. However, those additions are primarily low-paying positions. The CNN article mentions cracks like layoffs and hiring freezes as the problem. Their numbers show the tech industry has cut 86% more jobs than last year. Another gap in the job market could be what’s called “Pipelining Talent.” It’s when companies post positions only to develop a pool of candidates. Experts say as the job market weakens, job-seekers will not be able to be as picky.

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