Nothing says “romance” like a top hat-wearing stuffed bear who allegedly snorted more cocaine on the big screen than Tony Montana in Scarface marrying a bride and groom in rural Kentucky. Oh, yeah, it happened, and if nothing else, you have to give Armando Elizondo and Alexandra Venturino credit for kicking tradition to the curb and having some fun.

Cocaine Bear is becoming a pop culture icon. He’s hot right now, and in Lexington, Kentucky, there is something called the Kentucky Fun Mall where the owners claim the actual real bear black bear is stuffed and on display.  Is it the real one who snorted the coke a drug dealer dumped out of his plane over Georgia? Probably not, but this one did marry the loving couple in a ceremony Monday. 

Kentucky might be a little lax with some of its laws, but it is required that marriages be presided over by actual humans, so Elizondo and Venturino had to find someone to make it official, which they did. 

Griffin VanMeter is the store’s co-owner, and he floated the idea of his bear marrying people in an interview with Roadside America, and the requests have come pouring in. 

In the popular movie out in theaters now, Cocaine Bear was a vicious, coke-raged killing machine, but in real life, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers who found the bear in 1985 said it was high as a kite, sitting among open plastic bags of cocaine, much of which it had consumed. 

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