While Tucker Carlson’s agents and attorneys figure out how much Fox owes him, the media star has officially moved on to his newest venture — hosting “Tucker on Twitter,” with the first episode dropping Tuesday night. 

He started the show by talking about events in Ukraine, specifically the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam, which he called an “act of terrorism.” It’s turning into a natural disaster. The dam fell on Tuesday, along with a hydropower plant nearby. That drained the Kakhovka reservoir, causing flooding downstream. 

As for who is to blame, well, Tucker has a theory. 

Blowing up the dam may be bad for Ukraine, but it hurts Russia more. And for that reason, the Ukrainian government has considered destroying it.  When the facts start coming in, it becomes much less of a mystery about what might have happened to the dam. Any fair person would conclude that the Ukrainians probably blew it up.”

Carlson was bold and aggressive, asking viewers to wake up and not accept the common media company line that Ukraine President Zelenskyy is a “good man.”

“Ukraine, as you may have heard, is led by a man called Zelenskyy. We can say for a dead certain fact that he was not involved. He couldn’t have been; Zelensky is too decent for terrorism. Now you see him on television, and it’s true you might form a different impression. Sweaty and wet, a comedian turned oligarchy a persecutor of Christians, a friend of [US investment giant] BlackRock.”

Carlson said his new show would exist to challenge the orthodoxies in the media, and as long as Twitter remains a platform committed to free speech, he will do his show there. 

“As of today, we’ve come to Twitter, which we hope will be the short-wave radio under the blankets. We’re told there are no gatekeepers here. If that turns out to be false, we’ll leave. But in the meantime, we are grateful to be here.”

The first episode has over 61 million views on Twitter in the first 14 hours.

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