Hertz has a unique way of marketing their company. 

While most people who follow business headlines the past few years may have assumed Hertz was still in some form of bankruptcy, the company is making all kinds of headlines.  

Not exactly positive ones. 

First Elon Musk pointed out the fact that as Hertz was celebrating the fact they spent $4.2 billion to purchase 100,000 Tesla vehicles, the two companies had not officially closed the deal with a signed contract. 

Now the car rental company is facing a lawsuit from over 100 customers who have claimed that police arrested them after the company reported the vehicle that had been rented was stolen. 

Wow, what a unique approach to customer loyalty.  

People who had lawfully rented a Hertz vehicle found themselves in trouble with the police because Hertz reported the vehicle as stolen. 

It’s uncertain if Hertz has a lousy tracking system to monitor when cars have been returned, or if they just dislike their customers a great deal. 

Hertz tried to set the record straight by telling Fox Business that the company “cares deeply” about their customers, insisting that they only “report vehicles stolen after exhaustive attempts to reach the customer.

The lawyer who handled the first lawsuit back in 2017 had a different story, telling CBS that Hertz was trying to hide what he called a “corporate disaster.”

Avis and Enterprise must be loving this news. 

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