Fans of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” must really be enjoying the Rudy Giuliani fallout. As for the former Mayor of New York City? Not so much.

Cohen, appearing on Monday’s “The Late Show” with Steven Colbert, said he avoided detection while hiding during the film’s climactic hotel room scene with Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer.

A Giuliani security guard executed a sweep of the hotel room but didn’t find Cohen in a specially constructed hideaway during Giuliani’s interview with Maria Bakalova, the 24-year-old actor who plays Borat’s 15-year-old daughter, Tutar.

Giuliani drinks scotch with Tutar and at one point appears to have his hands down his pants. At the invitation of Tutar, who posed as a conservative journalist, Giuliani went to a hotel room full of hidden cameras. Giuliani lays back in the bed and seems to spend time adjusting his pants. Borat then bursts into the room, saying “She’s 15. She’s too old for you.”

Giuliani said he was only tucking his shirt back in because of problems with the communication device attached for the fake interview.

Cohen told Colbert that, although his phone had only 3% battery life remaining, “I was in there for the entire scene. My only means of communication—the idea was that I would jump out at the necessary point, and I would know what he was doing via text messages with the director.”

What did Cohen think of Giuliani’s defense (“at no time … was I ever inappropriate”) of his actions? “He said he did nothing inappropriate,” Cohen told Colbert. “But if he sees that as appropriate then heaven knows what he’s intended to do with other women in a hotel room with a glass of whiskey in his hand.”

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