Here’s the latest on the supply chain debacle. 

Halloween costumes might be floating on the Pacific instead being on the backs of young trick or treaters. 

Halloween costumes, candy, decorations and the Halloween themed goods are held up in ports, trying to unload but being unable to because of the extreme bottleneck in the network. 

Last year kids and parents basically had Halloween cancelled on them by Tony Fauci and his cohorts, and now it’s been a rude awakening when the local Halloween store or big box retailer has their shelves completely empty. 

Target is one store that seems to really be struggling with their inventory, more so than others.  And anyone that’s entered a store lately has more than likely noticed that themselves. 

Arts and crafts chain Michaels has had some issues with their inventory, specifically pumpkins. 

Lowes, Home Depot and HomeGoods also don’t carry what they normally do. 

Many Halloween stores said they placed their orders for the holiday back in January, and are still waiting for stuff. 

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach will start working around the clock to try to alleviate the bottlenecks at their facilities.  40% of all shipping containers that come into the U.S. arrive at one of those two ports. 

Getting the ships unloaded at the ports is just part of the problem.  There’s a huge shortage of truck drivers, and shipping containers. 

The owner of a Halloween themed store in Colorado called Reinke Brothers told a local television station that in the past it has cost $1,300 for a container to ship his goods for Halloween. Now that same container is $13,000. 

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