The biggest sports story of the week went down Monday, when Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned after a number of emails were leaked from the NFL’s investigation into the Washington Redskins and the toxic environment created by their owner Daniel Snyder.

Now that the smoke has settled a bit on the shocking news, people are wondering what happens with the huge contract Gruden had signed back in 2018.

He came back for his second stint as coach of the Raiders, and was given a 10-year, $100 million contract.  

Gruden made it through five games of his fourth season, so there’s over $60 million that would still be left. 

Well, his resignation means he more than likely will never see the balance. 

A story in The Athletic says Gruden “forfeits” the remaining balance of the deal. 

Three years ago when Gruden took the deal, he made waves with some comments about how large and long the contract was.  Some of those comments are being re-circulated now, including the one where he said “if I can’t get it down, I’m not going to take their money.”

The Raiders did not make it to the NFL playoffs in any of his first three seasons, and due to other circumstances he more than likely is leaving a small fortune on the table. 

The offensive emails that Gruden wrote to his former boss Bruce Allen were part of over 650,000 emails that were reviewed in the investigation of the Washington Football Team. 

The NFL Player’s Association it will request the NFL to release all the emails they uncovered in their 10-month investigation. 

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