He hasn’t been sacked once, thrown a touchdown pass or won a single game. But damn, has Roger Goodell been paid well for wearing a suit every day to work.  In fact, he’s made twice as much money as Tom Brady ad Pat Mahomes combined the past two years. 

The NFL Commissioner has been richly rewarded for guiding the NFL to a new $100 billion media deal and new 10-year collective bargaining deal with the players. 

Recent reports say the commish has banked $128 million the past two years alone. 

The timing of his salary and bonus disclosure comes as he is facing the heat and criticism for the way he’s handled the Washington Football Team investigation into workplace harassment. Goodell has stated that Dan Snyder, the owner of the WFT has been held accountable by being fined and kept away from the team for the past four months,  despite the league not releasing details of what they found in their investigation. 

$128 million can wipe away a lot of the stress that goes with his job.  In fact, Goodell is officially one of the highest paid executives in the entire country. 

Plus he gets free tickets to any NFL game he wants to go to. 

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