Right now, Hive is the number one trending topic on Twitter, but why? Hive Social has become the new Twitter alternative as many users sign up “just in case” Twitter suddenly disappears. There’s also the app Mastadon, but more people like Hive Social’s simplicity. In fact, the social media app brands itself as the “new social platform focusing on the simplicity of social media.” If you’re considering signing up but are hesitant to waste your time on a new app, here are the pros and cons.


The app is straightforward. The layout is a blend of both Twitter and Instagram. Sign-up is an easy 1-2-step process. There are no ads on the app, and there is no short character limit. Like Instagram, there is a for you page for new content discovery. The app runs well to be operated by only two people.


While it’s impressive, the fact that only two people run the app is also a concern. How can the two people keep up with the activity now flooding the app? Right now, there is a loading lag that has the potential to increase as more people join. There is also no desktop version of the app, so there is no option to pretend you’re busy at work while scrolling through the app on your computer. You can not search people by name; multiple people can share the same @ name. 

Hopefully, the two owners of Hive are working to fix the kinks and possibly hire a small staff. To keep the momentum going and prepare for the possibility of Twitter saying goodbye, they will have to adjust quickly. 

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