Russian President Vladimir Putin has been put on notice regarding any plans he may have of invading Ukraine. 

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed that the Group of Seven all agree that Putin will face what they call “Massive consequences” if he makes the move. 

Blinken met with his G7 colleagues in England this weekend, specifically about the buildup of Russia’s military on the eastern border of Ukraine. 

Here’s what Blinken told NBC. 

“They are equally resolute in their determination to stand against Russian aggression, to ideally deter it, prevent it. And we’ve made clear as well that there would be massive consequences if Russia commits renewed acts of aggression against Ukraine.”

The G7 has hit Russia with sanctions in the past for aggressive action, and their vow now is that the consequences of invading Ukraine would be more severe. 

Here’s more from Blinken. 

“We are prepared to take the kinds of steps we’ve refrained from taking in the past that would have massive consequences for Russia; G7 countries are equally resolute in their determination to stand against Russian aggression.” 

Even Joe Biden has tried to throw some tough talk at Putin, including his statement on Saturday. 

“I’ve made it absolutely clear to President Putin … that if he moves on Ukraine, the economic consequences for his economy are going to be devastating — devastating.”

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