The Pandemic has turned relatively unknown businesses into household names, and made stockholders and executives rich, or in some cases, even more unfathomably wealthy. 

Yes, we’re talking to you Tesla, Zoom Video, Square, Bumble and Peloton. 

But there are so many other businesses that aren’t creating love connections or hook ups, processing credit card payments, selling electric cars or turning your guest room into a spinning class. 

A number of brands love laying low, flying under the radar screen, and keeping the private business of their public company confidential.  

Businesses you’ve never heard of have, or are so un-sexy they border on being boring have crushed it since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here are 5 of the most un-sexy companies that got busy and saw their profits explode the past year. 

1. CrowdStrike

Based in Silicon Valley, they produce cyber security, and the demand for their service has never been higher as the office had to shift from a corporate setting to people’s homes. 

The pandemic also forced businesses to ramp up their plans to move their data to the cloud. 

It wasn’t just the pandemic that helped this company soar the past 12 months.  Their product is good. So fgood it was able to hold off the hackers who got into the federal agencies of the government.  

The hackers couldn’t get passed CrowdStrike. 

Market Value Increase:    360% +

Market Value:     $53.37 billion

2.  Twilio

The API’s (application programming interfaces)  for Twilio serves a very important role, that doesn’t get a lot of fanfare. 

They plug into the computer code of some of the most-used and popular apps. Uber is one of many they serve. 

Market Value Increase: 290% +

Market Value: $62.27 billion

3.  The Trade Desk

Based in Ventura, California, Trade Desk makes the software that is the brokerage platform for digital advertising buyers. 

Their revenue model is pretty simple, they get a cut of the transaction and earning fees of their clients. 

Market Value Increase:  225% +

Market Value:   $40.01 billion

4.  DocuSign

Is there anyone that frequently has to sign business contracts, NDA’s, real estate transactions and other official paperwork that doesn’t love this San Francisco-based company? 

An email shows up in your inbox, arrows point where you need to click, not sign, and a process that could take hours, is reduced to minutes. 

It’s a company millions of people found recently they couldn’t live without. 

Market Value Increase: 250% +

Market Value: $48.61 billion 

5.  Datadog

Sexy? No.  Functional and growing fast? Absolutely. 

Datadog offers monitoring and analytics tools for the cloud.

The company went public in 2019, and exploded in 2020, as it pushed into cloud-based software companies.  

Datadog has lined up some impressive partnerships with Microsoft and Google, which are two of the largest cloud data storage providers. 

Market Value Increase:     240% +

Market Value:                    $31.69 billion

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