Tesla might have just become an impulse buy, like spotting a deal in the grocery store checkout line but much more expensive.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday that “All Tesla cars delivered in the final three days of the year will get three months of the Full Self-Driving option for free. Delivery and docs must be fully complete by midnight Dec 31st.”

This holiday bonus appears to be more good fortune for people who happened to already be in the process rather than a prompt for anyone to rush a purchase. But it is quite a perk considering the Full Self-Driving option currently comes at a price—$10,000. A subscription service for Full Self-Driving will be added in early 2021.

Autopilot is a standard Tesla driver-assistance feature for automatic braking, accelerating and steering. Full Self-Driving adds self-parking, lane-changing and stop sign and traffic light recognition. The vehicle remains not fully autonomous.

“The most advanced vehicle technologies available for purchase today provide driver assistance and require a fully attentive human driver at all times performing the driving task and monitoring the surrounding environment,” a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statement said. “Abusing these technologies is, at a minimum, distracted driving.”

YouTube videos of the beta versions of Full Self-Driving showed that drivers needed to intervene to avoid crashes or traffic violations.

Earlier this year, Sen. Edward Markey targeted the misleading Tesla product names in a statement to call for “rebranding and re-marketing the system to reduce misuse.”

The Tuesday announcement for a promotion that ends Thursday with delivery required seems to only incentivize those with a purchase in motion. But it does give a nice push at the end of a business quarter.

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