The rocket scientists at NASA were high-fiving each other and exchanging hugs this after noon for very good reason; they landed a rover, named Perseverance, on the Jezero crater on Mars. 

It is the most technologically advanced robot we’ve launched into space, and now that it made it all the way to Mars, Perseverance is going to stay a while.  Two years specifically, as it cruises around the surface of the red planet, and takes a look around for ay signs of ancient life.

The vehicle options Perseverance is equipped with are impressive.  It has a robotic arm that can reach about seven feet long. It carried with it cameras, a rock drill and chemical analyzer. 

The space vehicle is the fifth rover to land on Mars, and it is already sending some incredible photos back to earth. 

The trip took over six months to get there, as you may recall it launched out of Cape Canaveral back in July on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. 

The trip covered 293 million miles. That is 1,443,349 miles covered per day, which answers the question of whether there are express lanes in space. 

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