It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s … “Jetpack Guy” back for an encore?

The control tower at Los Angeles International Airport is abuzz after another “jetpack guy” sighting.

A China Airlines flight was on approach Wednesday afternoon when a crew member spotted something rather futuristic outside the window.

In tapes released, an air traffic control can be heard asking for clarity in describing the flying object, to which a voice from the China Airlines cockpit confirms, “Yes, like a jetpack.”

The sighting took place about 7 miles from the LAX over the Century City area of the city. It’s estimated that “Jetpack Guy” was as high as 6,500 feet.  The FAA is investigating, and apparently, so is the FBI. It seems jet-packing around is frowned upon, especially over densely populated areas.

As the mystery unfolds, many are wondering, is the same Jetpack Guy pilots spotted about 6 weeks ago? David Mayman, CEO of Jetpack Aviation, based in LA, says he was not aware of anyone taking one of his jetpacks for a spin. Speaking of spin, he suggested that airplane pilots may not have seen a jetpack at all and but rather a drone carrying a dummy.

Meanwhile, we’ve placed calls to Spacely’s Sprokets for further comment. A woman named Jane answered, she said her husband George just jetted out, but she will leave him a message.

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