As analysts, experts and citizens across the globe grabbed hold of a trove of Anthony Fauci emails, it is clear the translation depends on the people doing the translating.

A Freedom of Information Act spawned the release of emails in the thousands from Fauci, with the primary point of contention being Fauci’s interactions on the subject of COVID-19’s origins.

Sen. Rand Paul is convinced Fauci must be fired.

People magazine’s headline spoke to how busy and crazy those days must have been for Fauci; not about his job security.

The Daily Mail chose to say the emails exposed Fauci as a fraud, while the New York Post analyzed the material and posed some intriguing questions.

Some leading virus experts wrote Fauci that coronavirus could have been lab-created. While Fauci pushed back publicly, he was privately taking it seriously.

The Post offered this timeline that seems to show Fauci was in the dark about the virus – just like many in the scientific community:

“April 2020: Fauci repeatedly made public statements suggesting that that COVID was the result of an ‘unusual human-animal interface’ in a Chinese ‘wet market.’

“May 2020: Still adamant that he didn’t believe the coronavirus was man-made. 

“Late May 2021 to early June 2021: During an event called ‘United Facts of America: A Festival of Fact-Checking,’ Fauci was asked if was ‘still confident’ that the virus evolved naturally. ‘No, actually … I am not convinced about that. …’ Fauci said.”

The Post wrote: For a year, we’ve been told to “trust the science” — but Fauci, our leading scientist, made declarations that certain theories were “debunked” when they weren’t.

President Joe Biden’s administration would help the controversy by getting China to cooperate during talks with Beijing. 

The administration last week ordered a 90-day intelligence review on the lab-leak possibility, and key health experts increasingly say they believe that’s how COVID-19 started. 

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