Tom Brady played a football game Sunday, so you know what that means. 

He set another all-time NFL record.  This time he became the first player in NFL history to throw for at least 600 touchdown passes. He connected on four TD’s in Tampa Bay’s rout of the Chicago Bears. 

No. 600 was caught by receiver Mike Evans.  You’d think the Bucs’ receivers might have thought ahead a little bit, and had a plan to hang on to the football on Brady’s 600th career TD? 

No, they didn’t. Evans gave all the footballs he caught on touchdown passes from Brady to fans sitting in the stands.  I guess it’s what he does after each TD reception.  The No. 600 ball he gave to some dude named Byron Kennedy, who works in internal medicine in Florida and was wearing an Evans jersey to the game. 

When Evans got to the sideline, a Bucs employee told him about his bone headed move.  Than a Bucs’ staffer went into the stands to begin negotiations to get that football back. 

At first Kennedy didn’t want to.  Maybe he had an idea that the ball was special and potentially very, very valuable. 

According to a Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions, it is!  He told Pro Football Weekly the ball might be worth as much as $500,000 if it went to auction. 

Did Kennedy eventually give it up?  He sure did, in exchange for a different ball from Brady and the promise of more memorabilia or tickets down the road. 

Class move by Kennedy, since $500K is a lot of money to just hand over. Here was his rationale. 

“I knew how much it meant to Tom and I was willing to trade.”

Class move. 

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