On Tuesday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, Daily Wire founder and co-CEO Jeremy Boreing joined Patrick Bet-David in the Vault. Alongside Vincent Oshana and Tom “Biz Doc” Ellsworth, Boreing and PBD discussed everything from entrepreneurship and entertainment to woke ideologies and foreign conflicts.

Here are a few of the highlights and standout moments from today’s episode:

1. “Not Good Enough” – Conor McGregor vs the Irish Government

On Thursday night, hours after an Algerian immigrant stabbed three children, infuriated Irish citizens took to the streets of Dublin to protest their government’s immigration policies. As the dust settled from a night of rioting and clashes with law enforcement, former UFC fighter Conor McGregor tore into the Irish government for its “lackluster” response to the situation.

Rather than addressing the immigration problem, the government is condemning Irish citizens. But according to Boreing, this will only make the situation worse.

“The greatest bad idea of the 21st Century is that you can have unfettered immigration,” he said.

If Ireland is going to survive, according to Boreing, it needs an immediate “course correction” … and Conor McGregor may be the man to make it happen.

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2. “History’s Greatest Act of Brand Suicide” – Disney Destroys its Reputation

In late October, Boreing announced the launch of Bentkey, the Daily Wire’s own subscription service for premium children’s content free from woke agendas. Bentkey’s lineup of content now puts the Daily Wire in direct competition with companies like Disney … but given Disney’s recent box office performance, that competition may not last long.

According to Disney’s latest SEC filings, movies like “Wish” and “The Marvels” have been major failures for the House of Mouse, leading to what Boreing calls “Bob Iger’s billion-dollar mistake.”

After returning to his executive position at Disney, Iger has witnessed the company’s decline — and now he couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to. According to Boreing, the only people left at Disney are the ones who can’t help but make everything political.

“They exist within a company that’s a bubble, within an industry that’s a bubble, within a city that’s a bubble, within a state that’s a bubble,” he said. “They created the greatest content library assembled in history … and then they squandered it.”

3. “An Evil and Egregious Act” – Jeremy Boreing vs the Catholic Church

Pope Francis sparked controversy by hosting a lunch for men who identify as women, leading many to question whether the Vatican is reconsidering its position on transgenderism. Despite being a “radical Protestant,” Boreing is willing to give the pope the benefit of the doubt … but only if he can offer an explanation.

“If he’s trying to mainstream transgenderism, I’d say that’s a really evil and egregious thing,” he said.

Turning his attention to what he called “a confluence of terrible thoughts,” Boreing also discussed the bigger spiritual issue of gender identity, as well as the grifters that make the issue worse.

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