1. Republican Sen. Rand Paul is not a fan of increasing the amount of the checks being sent out to Americans. In fact, Rand doesn’t think checks should be going out at all. Calling the payments a socialist idea, the senator from Kentucky thinks the payments should only be going to those who are unemployed.

    “It’s a really foolish, air-headed, left-wing socialist idea to pass out free money to people, so I part ways with the president on giving people free money,” Paul told Fox News, while also saying he agreed with Trump’s criticism of sending millions in money overseas.

    “He was unhappy with all the spending to Pakistan and Sudan, and all these far-flung places when we aren’t taking care of our own,” Paul said. “It’s what President Trump has always gotten right. It’s why President Trump got all these new blue-collar workers into our party because they’re sick and tired of sending money, shoveling it overseas and they want it here at home.”

    The checks aren’t the only thing the senator had a problem with. In an interview with “Fox & Friends” this week, Paul attacked the whole bill, saying, “They’re always talking about socialism and so am I, but that bill yesterday was a bunch of socialist spending, and if you voted for it, you’re no better than the Democrats … The people in Washington are bankrupting us, both parties.”

    On Wednesday, Rand rolled out his annual “Festivus” list of grievances that highlight the government’s wasteful spending. A couple of highlights—or lowlights for taxpayers—included $1.5 million spent on a study to watch lizards walk on treadmills, $2 million to study whether hot-tubbing was able to reduce stress, and that a total of $54 billion was “totally wasted” by our government.

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