Do you have a suggestion of what Facebook’s new name should be?

If not, it seems like you might be in the minority. 

Social media was inundated with ideas after The Verge reported that they plan on changing their parent name very shortly. 

It could even happen as soon as next week, as Mark Zuckerberg’s goal of making Facebook more of a “metaverse company” instead of just a simple social media platform. 

The Verge reported that Zuck plans on tasing about the new name at the company’s Connect conference on October 28, but the announcement of the new name could come sooner. 

The Verge report also notes that 10,000 employees are currently working on building consumer hardware, including AR glasses. 

There has been speculation that another reason for the new name and direction of the company would be to get away from the scrutiny Facebook faces as a social media platform, as antitrust regulators are working on ways to break the company up. 

It’s not like this is some new phenomena.  Back in 2015 Google reorganized under a holding company called Alphabet. 

Snapchat changed their name to Snap Inc. in 2016.

The author of the story in The Verge speculated the new name could have something to do with Horizon. 

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