No single person on the planet is as polarizing, controversial, or talked about.

Andrew Tate was banned from every major social media platform.  Muzzled by his critics and the invisible over-bearers who felt his views were too dangerous for his fans and detractors to listen to and thought they could prevent his words from being heard.

They were wrong.

Tate has granted one interview to one person; a 100% exclusive, unfiltered, uncensored, absolutely no-holds-barred conversation with Patrick Bet-David.

Held in a top-secret location in Madrid, Spain, the interview lasted nearly five explosive hours and covered every topic and ideology that Tate is both loved and loathed for.

Will those that feel he is a dangerous misogynist soften their stance after digesting this revealing and raw conversation?

Will those that hold Tate in high regard because of his constitutional right to freedom of speech still feel this way after absorbing his uncensored views?

It takes a fearless, unbiased, and inquisitive interviewer to get a personality like Andrew Tate to reveal himself so others can judge for themselves.

No media personality has a more impressive modern-day track record of driving full speed into an interview subject’s psyche and soul to uncover what his audience demands.

There is one, and only one opportunity to hear directly from Andrew Tate himself about his ban, his beliefs, and what the future holds for the most toxic, talented, and possibly even tainted person on the internet.

Patrick Bet-David, Valuetainment, and Andrew Tate.

A Five-Hour Conversation.

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