There may come a week in the future when a celebrity does not announce they have their own line of gin, tequila, or vodka, but we don’t live in that world now. 

The only suspense is who the next A (The Rock, Clooney, Wahlberg, Ryan Reynolds, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake) B (Diddy, Drake, Matthew McConaughey, Kendall Jenner) or C (Sammy Haggar, Bob Dylan) list star will announce that their new spirit is the greatest new liquor ever created. 

This week it’s Eva Longoria, as she introduces Casa del Sol, an ultra-premium tequila brand to the world. 

Why is this one special? Well, the company is run exclusively by women, and they focus on sustainable production.  Not sure if that means the tequila is any good, but it’s a good marketing hook. 

Here’s a quote from the former Desperate Housewife. 

“In a male-dominated business, you really have to be innovative. We bring a lot to the table because we have a diversity of approach, and a different perspective and mindset that adds depth and value to our product. It allows us to think outside the typical male machismo framework that tequila is created on.”

Longoria said she hopes to open up her distillery in Arandas, Mexico, to the public soon. 

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