Every day there are stories about CEO salaries and compensation packages. The numbers are staggering.  Some big time leaders of high performing companies even earn as much money as a  MLB shortstop or backup power forward in the NBA!

Here’s something you never see.  How many employees these organizations have, what the market cap for that company is, and a final number of how much value each individual employee contributes to the bottom line.

Is it scientific? Not at all.  Is it something a worker at Apple or Walmart can take to their supervisor to demand a raise? Heavens no. Is it fun to read on a Thursday?  I really think so.

Company:  Microsoft 

Market Cap                          $1.73 trillion

Total Employees                  166,475

Value of each employee:   $10,391,950

Company:   Apple 

Market Cap                       $2.04  trillion

Total Employees               147,000

Value of each employee    $13,877,551

Company:  Amazon

Market Cap         $1.55 trillion

Total Employees                575,700

Value of each employee    $2,692,374

Company:  Google (Alphabet)

Market Cap                      $1.37 trillion

Total Employees              135,301

Value of each employee  $10,125,571

Company:  Facebook 

Market Cap                     $728.8 billion

Total employees             52,234

Value of each employee       $13,857,692

Company:            Walmart 

Market Cap                       $372.84  billion

Total employees                2.2 million

Value of each employee      $169,472.72

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