Now that the SpaceX mission that sent an all-civilian crew into space and raised over a hundred million dollars for St. Jude Hospital is back on earth, Elon Musk listed some things he plans on improving the next time he sends tourists into space. 

Musk said one of the top priorities is providing a better toilet, since there were “challenges” with the one on this mission. 

All the amenities will be examined and potentially improved upon if possible. 

Musk went to Florida to meet with the crew personally on Monday, and he answered questions from Twitter users about details on the next mission. That’s when he vowed to “upgrade toilets.” 

No details on what exactly the issues were or how they would be improved upon. 

One of the passengers told Insider back in July that the toilet was located on the ceiling of the spacecraft.  The ceiling had a glass dome, so everyone on board had a 360-degree view while they were in the bathroom. 

“It’s not a ton of privacy. But you do have this kind of privacy curtain that cuts across the top of the spacecraft, so you can kind of separate yourself from everyone else.”

Musk also said he would make sure there were two other creature comforts for whoever takes the next flight on his spacecraft.  One would be an oven.  The crew that landed this weekend ate cold pizza throughout their three-day journey. 

Another thing Musk and SpaceX will provide according to the Insider story is Wifi, courtesy of Starlink. 

Another cool detail revealed about the trip for the civilians is they had the chance to chat with both Musk and Tom Cruise while they were in space. 

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