Joe Biden seems like the type of President who would like to be liked.  With as much free money he and his administration have been handing out the last year, you’d think he might have a higher approval rating regarding the economy than he does.  

The fact is, most Americans think his handling of the economy has been a disaster, and his approval ratings reflect that.  Biden now owns the lowest economic rating of any president at this point in their first year.  H

His numbers are so dismal in this category; they are actually worse than Jimmy Carter’s in 1977.  

CNN reported that in their latest CNN?SSRSS poll, Biden clocked in with a 44% approval rating.  His disapproval rating is 55%.   And this is before American’s wrap their arms around some heating bills this winter that are going to be downright scary. 

Inflation is one category that American’s are very dissatisfied with in regards to Biden’s performance.  According to an ABC News poll,ved of Biden’s performance so far regarding handling inflation only 28% appro. 

The similarities between Biden and Carter were predicted, and at this point, in his term, they are coming to fruition. Back in 1978, Carter’s economic net approval rating of -8 was the lowest ever since polls were taken on it.  Biden has blown that out of the water with a -13 net approval number on the economy. 

Carter lasted just one term, in large part because voters didn’t trust his abilities to lead the country through an economic crisis.  

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