Drake is no idiot.  Knowing what a Toronto winter is like, he’s moving into his brand new Beverly Hills rental just in time for the fall chill. 

Well, actually, he’s owned a home in the Hidden Hills area of Calabashes for the past 10 years or so, but now he’s checking out what life is like in the 90210, just like The Weeknd just did. 

He still has his 50,000 square foot Toronto crib, and he didn’t sell his house in the Valley yet, so he certainly has some options of where he wants to crash. 

The house he’s renting was on the market for $65 million, and is known as “natural home because the finishes and design resemble some aspect of nature.  

If you want to see what the house is like, check out Instagram because Drake is posting a lot of photos and stories.  

The home has 18,000 square feet of living space, with a movie theater and “store-sized closet/dressing room.”

The other touches of this sick palace include a wine cellar with room for 2,000 bottles, and art work already hanging on the wall that’s worth millions. 


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