If there’s been one constant in the past year since the coronavirus pandemic began it is this; as bad as things got in the U.S. when it came to total cases, deaths, hospitalizations and all things COVID-19 related, whenever Dr. Anthony Fauci would speak publicly the crisis always seemed worse, and it’s hard to remember a single time where he would proclaim anything that would convey hope or optimism. 

The 80-year old doctor, who is also the highest-paid federal government employee, had a rough year, as he burst into the public eye and became a household name.

Wanting to get a better understanding of why Dr. Fauci has such a gloom-and-doom perspective, we turned to our medical expert, who provided fascinating insight and clarity with his explanation…

Dr. David Alessi, MD is an award winning Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, the founder and director of the Alessi Institute for Facial Plastic Surgery, and with over 38 years of experience in the medical field, he is one of the most accomplished, respected and prestigious doctors in Southern California.

Dr. Alessi explained that Fauci may be mis-cast in the role that he’s in.

“You have to realize where Dr. Fauci is coming from.He’s an infectious epidemiologist,” Dr. Alessi said.

The cure for COVID is to basically quarantine the entire population severely for the next, three years. That way you will get the COVID to be under control or eliminate it entirely.

However, we all know that’s not practical, which is why you don’t have infectious epidemiologists run the country.His suggestions are always going to be on the over-cautious side because of the medicine he’s studied and based on what he’s done the past four decades.

Now, the studies that have been done this past year relating to the effects of lockdowns in terms depression, drug abuse, domestic violence, suicide rates, especially in young people is skyrocketing, because of the isolation that has been caused by the virus. They have skyrocketed, and the studies bear that out.

So you have to take everything into account when making decisions that affect the entire population.”


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