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How big of a role does your age play when it comes to entrepreneurship? This is one of the most common questions I am asked all the time. So in this video I want to us to process if you can be a good, successful entrepreneur at a young age and get into the benefits of being an older entrepreneur vs. a younger entrepreneur. And then at the end I’ll give you some of the stereotypes younger entrepreneurs get that are the enemy of younger entrepreneurs.

Paranoia vs. Naivety – 0:55
Wisdom vs. Being a Know-it-All – 1:39
Contacts – 1:50
Logic Vs. Emotion – 1:57
A Lot to Lose (Or Not) – 2:00
Which is Better? – 2:22
Anything is Possible – 2:35
Tip for Younger Entrepreneurs – 4:08
Emotion Sells – 5:15
Nothing to Lose – 6:00
Who’s Side Am I On? – 7:08
If You’re a Younger Entrepreneur, Here are a Few Principles to Keep in
Mind – 8:48

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