New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has won an Emmy award for his press conference communication skills when the pandemic first hit. 

He’s been gushed over by A-list celebrities as the shining example of leadership during crisis. 

All that could be buried on his bio if the growing scandal around him turns into something even more politically damaging. 

On Friday, Cuomo and top officials from his health department defiantly tried to defend their nursing home policy. 

The governor went scorched earth today after being quiet following a report that said Cuomo’s directive on the nursing home situation was most likely responsible for over 1,000 more deaths during the pandemic. 

One of Cuomo’s top aides admitted that governor’s administration knowingly withheld death info from the Justice Department, out of fear of a potential investigation. 

Cuomo went on the attack, at first admitting he should have provided more information to the public sooner, but then the gloves came off.  He shifted to offense, saying he “should have been more aggressive” in fighting lies from Republicans. 

He referred to the Republicans who have accused him of wrongdoing of being “crazy.”

“I was not aggressive enough in knocking down the falsities. We were busy. We were doing our job. We’re trying to save lives. No excuses.”

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