So much about this world doesn’t make sense from a macro perspective, but moving in closer to explore the cryptocurrency slice of the business world makes it even tougher to grasp reality.

Bitcoin, at least, can owe its explosive growth to legitimate business leaders (hello, Elon Musk) investing in the product, but dogecoin?

Even the co-founder of dogecoin, Billy Markus, sees the recent surge worthy of a laugh. After all, the very genesis – a shiba inu-inspired cryptocurrency based on the Doge meme — pretty much began as a joke.

“The idea of dogecoin being worth 8 cents is the same as GameStop being worth $325, it doesn’t make sense,” Markus told the Wall Street Journal.

Dogecoin is not the same as bitcoin, which has a finite supply of about 21 million coins. Dogecoin, with more than 100 billion coins, adds 5 billion in new coins every year.

Dogecoin’s 1,500% rally in 2021 is a reality, though, and it’s now worth $10 billion.

You can’t eat a dogecoin (safely) or put on a helmet and ride it, but technically its value is more than each of these businesses, according to Business Insider:

1. Wendy’s

Ticker: WEN

Market Cap: $4.6 billion

2. Shake Shack

Ticker: SHAK

Market Cap: $5.0 billion

3. Harley Davidson

Ticker: HOG

Market Cap: $5.2 billion

4. JetBlue

Ticker: JBLU

Market Cap: $5.2 billion

5. Texas Roadhouse

Ticker: TXRH

Market Cap: $6.0 billion

6. Planet Fitness

Ticker: PLNT

Market Cap: $6.5 billion

7. Grubhub

Ticker: GRUB

Market Cap: $6.6 billion

8. Blackberry

Ticker: BB

Market Cap: $7.1 billion

9. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Ticker: NCLH

Market Cap: $7.8 billion

10. Under Armour

Ticker: UAA

Market Cap: $8.6 billion

11. Dropbox

Ticker: DBX

Market Cap: $9.8 billion

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