When it comes to President Donald Trump there is one fact that no one can dispute: The man can draw a crowd! His 2020 campaign rallies looked more like a U.S. rock concert tour than a presidential campaign.

Reports have suggested that upon leaving office, Trump will be able to cash in on those crowds by drawing speaking fees of more than $1-million in the United States and possibly much more in speeches overseas.

The speaking fees should also trickle down to the members of his family, although they won’t be nearly as lucrative. Melania and Ivanka could command north of $100,000 per speaking engagement, while Don Jr., Eric and Tiffany Trump would all most likely hover at around $75,000 per appearance.

Some have already speculated that should Trump decide to run for president again in 2024, the speaking fees over the next four years could prove to be a concern, as they were for Hillary Clinton in 2016 after it was revealed she had received millions speaking to companies like Goldman Sachs.

One other big moneymaker for Trump will be a book deal. The president received more than 70 million votes during the 2020 election and remains extremely popular with his base, which will make a book deal a no-brainer. Barack and Michelle Obama signed a $60 million deal with Random House when they departed the White House, and Trump’s book deal very well could approach those numbers.

A Trump tell-all book – what are the odds it ends up longer than War and Peace?

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