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  Andrew Aker here on Maui, reporting the situation on the ground.  I’m not a professional journalist but I’ll try my best.    ( *** Local Maui readers go ahead and skip down below to get right to the part about the interaction with airport security and police *** ) 

 Saturday, 5th of Jun, 2021, a group of concerned citizens got together and protested Hawai’ian government corruption at the Kahului Airport on Maui.   


We have had some the lowest reported COVID numbers out of all 50 states and many other states are already opened up and yet the sky has not fallen.

 Governor Ige keep ( illegally ) extending his emergency orders and along with it his draconian edicts.

  We the People are sick and tired of it!   From what I can gather, the education system and powers that be have worked hard to keep the Hawai’ian people divided ( and therefore easy to control ) but now we are all uniting for one simple cause;  We all wanna breath freely, say NO to the social credit system ( disguised as a “vaccine” passport ) and make a better future for our keiki ( kids )

 ***What happened that day is a long story and I only have time to tell you about one brave patriot that was all by herself guarding her signs that were lined up all along the backside of the airport where the freedom motorcade slowed traffic. 

  I was in the back of a pickup truck holding an American flag as we circled the airport pickup / drop-off area at snail pace.   I saw what looked like two cops on bikes approaching our brave sign steward, so when we went around the corner, I jump out of the truck and quickly made my way to her on foot.   

Then an airport security car pulled up behind me and the driver tried to ask me to stop to talk to him.   I said sorry, that I didn’t have time and kept walking.  He somehow found a place to park and came following me on foot.   Shortly after I reached our friend, the security guy came up behind me and the two big cops ( rent-a-cops ) swooped in beside us.  I thought we were gonna be in big trouble. 

  The guy behind me turned out to be senior to the other two and open-carried a pistol in his holster.   Since I got back from China to the USA in 2019, I’ve had a few interactions with cops ( due to me not wearing a mask ) and I know that cops can be scared / jumpy so that alone makes me nervous.

  This guy though was really friendly and explained how we need permits, bla, bla, bla.   He also really wanted to know who led the thing.  Of course, I don’t know.  😉  Why is it that at every freedom rally, the cops ALWAYS wanna know who organized the thing?   

  While the captain guy was talking to us, a cop with flashing lights pulled up right beside us, took one look at me and my ridiculous face panty mask, smiled big at me, flashed a shaka and drove away!   

  That’s a big deal here in Hawai’i!  Not long ago, the Kihei cops were harassing us and trying to intimidate us into giving up our 1st amendment rights!   

   The whole thing ended with me cracking jokes with the other two bike security guys and one of them taking off his mask. 

  We might not win them all in one day but if we can make ONE person smile, ONE person laugh, ONE person remember what humanity is, that’s a GOOD day! 

  Thanks for reading / watching!     


Know someone in Hawai’i that wants to stand united with us?   Ask them to go to and we will connect them with a freedom team in their area! 












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