Actress Anne Heche has not been in the headlines for her acting lately, but she more than made up for it the past few days thanks to the drama and tragedy that she was responsible for behind the wheel of her car. 

Heche was driving erratically on Friday through multiple neighborhoods of Los Angeles before finally slamming her car into a house, causing a massive inferno that led to severe burns to the actress. 

Cops believe Heche was under the influence of something, and TMZ reports the LAPD got a warrant to draw her blood in the hospital. The results could take weeks, but cops believe she was intoxicated at the time of the crash, and it’s hard to argue that fact after seeing the video. 

Before driving into the house, Heche slammed into the garage of an apartment complex, and she may have hit other objects too, which is why she could be facing hit and run charges at the very least. 

Investigators will dig through a lot of evidence, including tapes of Heche’s podcast.  On an episode earlier last week, it appeared she was chugging vodka and wine and may have been drunk on the show. 

Her podcast is called “Better Together,” and she hosts it with Heather Duffy.  The episode where it appeared she had been drinking has been taken down. It was recorded last Tuesday, three days before the collision. 

Heche suffered burn injuries, but paramedics reported she was conscious and breathing when they arrived. 

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