There are rare instances where a football player is so talented that he can play both offense and defense for his team. 

There are even rarer instances where a college football player is majoring in automotive technology, the team bus breaks down on the way to a game, and he’s able to instantly morph into a diesel mechanic and fix the bus on the side of the road so his team can make it to the game. 

That is precisely what Pittsburgh State long snapper Timmy Malinowski did recently when his team traveled to Hays, Texas, for their game. 

One of the team buses broke down on the side of the road. It had completely lost power.  That’s when the freshman Malinowski calmly walked off the bus with as much poise, and confidence as Tom Brady shows during a last-second, game-winning drive in a playoff game. 

Malinowski examined the engine underneath the hood as his teammates and coaches fretted about being late for the game, finding alternate transportation, and all the things that go with being broken down on the side of the road. Malinowski quickly determined the problem, took out a Leatherman multi-tool from his backpack, and was able to attach a hose clamp and get the bus started and back on its way. 

Malinowski returned to the bus to the roars and screams and cheering of his teammates. 

His coach Brian Wright said he’s not surprised at all. 

“You know, we got a lot of talented people here. Not just on the football field, but a lot of great people that can do a lot of great things that are going to be very successful long after their experience here at Pitt State.”

Simply put, Malinowski saved the day. Never has a long snapper done something so heroic.  The team made it on time, and the Gorillas (great nickname, by the way) beat Fort Hays 34-24.  

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